Mediate Your Life Handouts

HandoutsWe welcome you to download the handouts below, which are in pdf format. These worksheets are regularly used in Mediate Your Life trainings led by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater, and may be used to support your learning at any stage.



Individual Action Plan
Elements of Empathy
Feelings & Needs
Self-Connection Process (SCP)
Mediation Model and Nine Skills
Flight Simulator
Chooser-Educator Process
Internal Mediation Process
Healing & Reconciliation Process
Interpersonal Mediation Process
Mourn Celebrate Learn (MCL)
OFNR Distinctions
Enemy Image Process (EIP)
Interpersonal Mediation Model Exercise (IPM)
Need Behind the “No” Process with Yourself
Need Behind the “No” (when you are making or receiving a request)


Other Resources

Awareness Quote"The Lizard Brain" by Seth Godin
Empathy QuotesEnjoy quotes from Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and Jiddu Krishnamurti
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