Choosing Peace Immersion Training Program

Mediate Your Life Immersion TrainingThere is creative, transformative power in how we communicate. When you change the way you listen and speak in difficulty and conflict, you change your life. And when you change your life, the world changes.

Create peace. Choose peace.

The Mediate Your Life program integrates clear communication, mindfulness, and compassion with a mediation framework to help you learn to create and choose peace with yourself, with others in your personal and work life, and with society at large.

Create a more compassionate and mindful world.

Built on the work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) founder Marshall Rosenberg, MYL uses innovative processes to mediate all aspects of difficult conversations, whether they are internal, interpersonal or within groups or societies.

We offer step-by-step, highly effective processes and exercises that rewire your brain to return to presence and create connection between yourself and others. Our intensive format not only teaches these powerful skills but also provides you the opportunity to practice them in a supportive learning community.

To learn more about what its like to actually participate in our Immersion Program, please watch this short video:

And to better understand why a year-long program makes sense, check out this video.

2017 Immersion Training Dates

The full Choosing Peace Immersion Program consists of three 4-day intensives that take place throughout the course of 9 months, with partner practice in between. The three workshops are: Conflict to Connection, Resolving Conflicts Internally and Reconciliation and Healing. They are most powerful and transformative when done together as a full year training, however they are designed so that they can be taken individually as stand-alone workshops, and in any order.

*** We recommend that you have training in the basics of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) before attending any of the Mediate Your Life Intensives. A good place to start is reading our foundation book, Choosing Peace. Ask us about finding NVC basics training if you need more information on this.

U.S. West Coast: Berkeley, California

U.S. South: Nashville, TN

U.S. East Coast: Boston, MA

Change your world, one conversation at a time.

Life is a series of conversations, with yourself and with others. Each has the power to transform. At its core the Mediate Your Life program is about listening to—and really hearing—ourselves and others. It is about increasing our capacity for empathy so that when triggered we can overcome the body’s natural “fight-flight-freeze” reaction. The process teaches how to replace conflict with true collaboration, new possibilities, and compassionate support.

Choose peace now.

The skills and processes that comprise Mediate Your Life training are drawn from the worlds of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), professional dispute resolution, mindfulness and compassion, humanity’s wisdom traditions, and contemporary psychology and brain science. The result is nothing less than in-depth training in a new language and consciousness, and a new set of skills and “maps” to be able to mediate and navigate any aspect of conflict or challenge in your life.

Come join us, won’t you?