NVC Academy Telecourses

NVC Academy’s Mediate Your Life Training comprises a series of weekly telephone-based trainings spaced over nine months, plus a commitment to participate in practice activities in between training sessions. While the trainings lay a foundation for success, the real results happen when participants practice the skills regularly.

Each NVC Mediate Your Life series includes six 2-hour weekly teleconference trainings. We will also be giving course assignments, exercises and assigning practice partners on these calls.

NVC Academy will host a FREE PREVIEW COURSE on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 from 5:30 – 6:45pm Pacific  Time.

Breath… Body… Needs…

Focusing on these three is vital to helping you “get unhooked” from the grip of that “fight-flight-freeze” reaction you may experience in the face of conflict.

They comprise the Self-Connection Process. This the first map in our Mediate Your Life toolkit because it helps you return from the stress response to a centered and peaceful state.

At the root of conflict is our biological “fight-flight-freeze” (FFF) survival reaction, also called the “stress response.” This instinct toward protection and defense originates in the older, deeper parts of our brain. It’s accompanied by moralistic thinking, “enemy images,” and emotions such NVC Academy Mediate Your Life Telecourseas fear, anxiety, stress, anger, guilt, shame, and depression. Events outside of you stimulate this reaction, yet it is your body that creates it.

The Self-Connection Process (SCP) is a way of centering yourself in the inner “mediator mind” – the highest part of you…

This is the “I am” part of you that is full of awareness, presence, and choice – that is capable of giving empathy, authentic self-expression, and unconditional love.

Both science and spiritual traditions have pointed to the benefits of focusing on the breath and bodily experience; and at the core of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model is needs.

Using SCP, you integrate awareness with needs consciousness. With practice, you build the capacity to respond effectively – and in alignment with your values – in the face of an FFF conflict reaction.

If you’d enjoy knowing morehere’s a video of John and Ike demonstrating the Self-Connection Process.

What you’ll get out of attending this course:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to do the Self Connection Process;
  • Everyone will have the opportunity to do this process during the course;
  • Tools to help you begin dealing more effectively with the stress and conflict of every day life.

Register for this course with NVC Academy and begin learning how to “get unhooked” from “fight-flight-freeze” today!