Stand-alone Workshops

Throughout the year, both John and Ike facilitate stand-alone workshops both in the United States and abroad.

These  1, Mediate Your Life Workshop in Kaiserslautern with Ike Lasater2- and 3-day, non-residential workshops relate to different aspects of navigating and resolving conflicts and are a great way to get familiar with the Mediate Your Life approach.
Past workshop topics have included include:

  • Sacred Listening to Self: Creating Peace, Compassion, and Connection from the Inside Out
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • The Skills of Compassion
  • Resolving Conflicts from the Inside Out
  • Getting Unstuck from Indecision, Guilt, and Shame
  • Change Your Habitual Response to Conflict
  • Making Amends: Healing and Reconciling Emotional Hurt

Click here for a complete training calendar, including upcoming workshops in both the United States and abroad.

If you are interested in organize a workshop for your community or business, email Ike Lasater or John Kinyon. Both Ike and John welcome your inquiries.