About Mediate Your Life Training

“In adversity, we do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.”
– Archilochus, Greek soldier and poet, c. 650 BC



The skills and processes that comprise the Mediate Your Life training are drawn from the worlds of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), professional dispute resolution, mindfulness and compassion, humanity’s wisdom traditions, and contemporary psychology and brain science.

The result is nothing less than in-depth training in a new language and consciousness, and a new set of skills and “maps” to be able to mediate and navigate any aspect of conflict or challenge in your life, internal or external.

When we are able to understand and communicate our needs with clarity, and with empathy for the universality of those needs, conflict leads to connection. The illusion of separation from self and others fades. Finally, we are at home with the world, and can work together to respond to the challenges we face.

Mediate Your Life’s Choosing Peace immersion program is comprised of three 4-day intensive workshops that can be taken as a year program or individually as stand alone workshops:

  • Conflict to Connection
  • Resolving Conflicts Internally
  • Reconciliation & Healing

All trainings come with the opportunity to become part of a supportive Mediate Your Life learning community, in which you can practice and integrate your skills over time, and receive invaluable support with the challenges of your daily life.

Check out our Choosing Peace immersion program.