Advanced MYL Training: Conflict Coaching


November 3, 2017 1:00 pm to
November 5, 2017


Rudramandir, Berkeley, CA

Advanced MYL Training: Conflict Coaching

[Tuition pricing and Schedule are given below]

The Advanced MYL trainings are for people who have completed at least one full year of the MYL Choosing Peace Immersion Program (the 3 intensives), and who want to deepen and extend their MYL skill development in more advanced ways through working with more formal and difficult role play situations of mediation and coaching.

The Advanced Training is not just for people who want to use the skills and maps formally or professionally. It is for those who want to take their skills to the next level of difficulty and challenge. And for those who want it, it’s about getting support to provide some kind of service or work in the world beyond their personal lives or contribute to positive social change in some way, including learning how to offer a 3chairs process and structure for difficult conversations to individuals and organizations.

The training is designed around learning and practicing in the context of formal mediation or conflict coaching, but you don’t need to want to be a professional mediator or coach to do this training. You can do one or both workshops, depending on the area(s) of learning and application you want to develop, and you can take them in whichever order you wish.

The Conflict Coaching intensive offers in-depth experiential training in the MYL maps for individuals dealing wth inner and outer conflict situations and challenges in their personal and work lives. The maps include: Internal Mediation, Chooser-Educator, Interpersonal Mediation/Intensity Exercise, Enemy Image Process, Mourn Celebrate Learn, the Making Amends and Healing Role Play applications of the Healing & Reconciliation process, and the 3Chairs Process for Difficult Conversations.

You will be able to dial up and down the difficulty level to customize your learning, and maximize your learning and growth by playing the roles of both coach and client, give and receive supportive peer feedback, and receive in-the-moment coaching.


  • $650 for the 3-day workshop
  • $600 early bird rate until Oct 4
  • Discount ($450 tuition) if you are also registered in the year-long Choosing Peace Immersion Program


  • Friday 1pm – 9pm
  • Saturday 9am – 9pm
  • Sunday 9am – 5pm

Rudramandir Center

Hope to see you there!



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